Ask Kayla: Stupid answers for stupid questions.

Stupid answers for stupid questions


Well here's 3 facts about me:

1. I have one sister and two dogs

2. I LOVE Scott Westerfeld's books with a passion

3. I am a huge fan of random Q and A

Shall we begin?

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Questions asked about me:

Have you ever counted the stars in the sky during a summer night ?

Ilir from Wisconsin

Of course I have! I remember when I was in third grade we had a trampoline... I was out there jumping, it was just after dark and my daddy came out to tell me to come back in... Then instead of making me come in he went on the trampoline with me and laid next to me. He said that it was impossible to count all the stars. I was set on proving him wrong. We spend a good hour just counting. We got well over 1,000. That was a good night :).

 Why are you soooooooo amazing?! (:


Tee Hee ^_^ Because I have Bailey as a friend! :D

Why are you being home schooled? What do you want to do with your life? Are you making better decisions these days and does it show?

 Eagle from Nowheresville

I was being home schooled because of some stupid mistakes that I, and some other people made. And we wanted to avoid those people as much as humanly possible.

I want to be a graphic designer, an author, and a musician. I want to travel and see the world and meet incredible people. Most of all I want to impact the lives of the people that surround me by just being sane.

I am making better decisions. I've learned to stop trying to prove myself to people. What do I have to prove? All I'm interested in proving is that I'm different, and I'm staying strong and sane.


Why is Kayla so awsome? Why does me have to be me? Will anyone care if I die?

AshlAy :) C.O.

Kayla is Awesome simply because you say she is :]. It has to be you because you put yourself in my life and i believe God let us meet for a reason. i thank God all the time that he has put so many incredible people like you in my life :D. And yes, EVERYONE will care immensely.

What happened to your crazy long hair?? and do u still put glue on eraser?

5th grade friend, Colorado

Ha! Wow... In case any of you didn't know... i was extremely strange in elementary school :P

As for my hair, i wanted a change so i chopped it and gave it to locks of love :]

As for the glue.... i didn't put it on erasers! i put it on the inside of the desk wheres a little intention thingie to put pencils and what-not! Glue on erasers pfft! What good would that do? Of course... it didn't do much good in the desk either... but that's not my point! What is my point? Not sure, i got side-tract... *re-reads paragraph* Ah yes... Anyways, no i don't lol. But seriously, how do you remember that? i forgot all about that madness!

three GOOFY things, 1. Favorite Color? 2. Favorite food? 3. If you favorite color was a food what food would it be?? :P

 Nick, C.O.

 1. Blue

2. Anything italian :] (YUMMY!)

3. if blue was Italian it'd probably be this guy: 


What is your favorite restaurant here? What is your favorite band? What is your favorite song?

Alex C.O.

Creative Alex :P Good question lol.

Idk, there are a lot of really good places to eat here!

As for favorite band, that changes daily :]. i love all sorts of music, but at the moment im really loving more acoustic music :]


Nick, C.O.

You ask a lot of questions :P

My dad taught me my first three chords and i taught myself the rest.


Meet William :].

He's my acoustic guitar. i learned how to play on this guitar. This guitar was a gift to my daddy from his mom. It was his second guitar. Although he's a bit old and worn (and has a giant crack in his side) he has incredible sound quality and is amazingly easy to play :].