Ask Kayla: Stupid answers for stupid questions.

" How do you know if a girl likes you enough to want to date you?"

Annon from Somewhere

Well Annon, all human beings are different. All i can really tell you is how i hint. i asked some of my male friends with female significant others for advice so i'll throw some of their answers in to :]. Me, i am a natural born flirt. i flirt without knowing it (or so says my male friends). i giggle and hint and punch. So do most members of the hormonal teenage girl club.

"Why do guys cheat on girls multiple amounts of times, then come back and want you to accept them again? Should they be accepted again?"

Dawnn from Colorado.

I hate to be the one that's brutally honest, but this is a pretty intense question. We're talking heartbreak after heartbreak after heartbreak etc. It seems like a cycle. A circle that doesn't seem to ever end. Love is a funny thing. My parent, ever since I was very small, would tell me and my sister, that love is not a feeling. It starts out that way. But it is not. It is a strong commitment to each other. A willingness to do anything for that one person, just to see them smile.I hate to say this, but if he is not willing to stay with you, and only you, then he does not truly love you. He has feelings for you sure. But love is about giving up all your other attachments. As for the "should they be accepted back" part... No. Not in a romantic way. Here you have options.You can completely give up on him (kind of heartless if you ask me but it does save you more heartbreak)or you can be closer to him. How does that second one work? Simple. Friends. Okay, Ii know that sounds like a classic "Lets just be friends" answer, but it's not.Express to him how frustrated you are that he is cheating. Make sure it's very clear to him that he is really hurting you. Keep hanging out with him, keep talking to him, but no kissing, or holding hands, or anything romantic. He'll get the point and either come to his senses or... If he doesn't then he's not worth it. I know you've heard that before, but it's very, very true. You deserve a guy that calls you princess, buys you flowers just cause it's Tuesday, tells you good morning, and good night, and who always tells you how much you mean to him. 

I hope this helps.

I hope you heal.

Good luck



"Does sleeping make you smarter?"

Ryan from Texas

Without getting into a big debate over what "smarter" means, yes, adequate nutrition and sleep is crucial to proper and optimum brain function.

In the short term, hunger and exhaustion from sleep deprivation do adversely impact cognitive function. In the long term, improper nutrition can lead to permanent loss of brain function or diminished acuity. Sleep deprivation can be just as debilitating, although it's unclear whether the effects of sleep deprivation are irreversible.

Did you know that going without sleep will kill you faster than going without food? Your body needs the time to get ready for the next day. It is unhealthy to get less sleep. In addition to this, sleep can cause you to be less attentive and to retain less information. This means you will notice and learn less in school. You may not even do better on the big test next day because you can't focus on it.

Yes, sleep is important to getting good grades.

i believe so because the more sleep u get i believe the more better ur brain functions

(and the above answer proves that lack of sleep makes you unable to spell)

Teenagers and children need more sleep than adults - 10-12 hours every night as opposed to 6-8 hours for adults. Most young people do not get enough sleep. If you are tired and sleepy until lunchtime, you probably need to go to bed earlier and get more sleep. Tired people cannot concentrate as well as rested people, so your grades do go down when you have not gotten enough sleep. You are also grouchy when you are tired, and more likely to get into trouble.

"What can you do with a potato?"

My dorkey friend Austin from Colorado

1. Boil it
2. Mash it
3. Roast it
4. Fry It
5. Make chips out of it
6.Make wedges with it
7. Potato Smiles
8.Potato croquettes
9. Crisps
10. Waffles
11. In a stew a casserole a pie
14. as a topping for a pie
15. piping
16. baked
17. saute
18. eat it raw
19. Stoves
20. potato scones
21. potato bread
22. potato pizza base
23. re-plant them to make more potatoes
24. potato bake
25. potato salad
26. peelings used in compost
27. spud gun
28. draw a face on it
29. use it as a friend
30. smash a window with it
31. hollow out for Halloween
32. Christmas present
33. birthday present
34. weights for training with
35. potato fights
36. douking for potatoes
37. potato hunt instead of Easter egg hunt
38. animal fodder
39. protect surfaces
40. to demonstrate osmosis in standard grade biology
41. to demonstrate the test for starch in standard grade biology
42. To demonstrate the act of catalyze on hydrogen peroxide in standard grade biology
43. hang for a tree for birds to eat
44. test out new apple peeler
45. roll down a hill on Easter because it doesn't break so can be reused.
46. throw at dangerous animals if they attack you
47. throw at annoying neighbors

48. Christmas tree decorations
49. jewellary
50. potato clock
51. potato head
52. safe non toxic, edible toy
53. play hot potato with it
54. write a song about it
55. use it as a stepping stone over a stream
56. boyancy aid
57. a football
58. golf ball
59. snooker ball
60. juggling ball
61. to trade for other things
62. potato kebabs
63. bbq it
64. boob enlargers
65. groin guard
66. groin enlarger
67. over your eyes like cucumber
68. conkers with potatoes
69. hollow it out and use it as a cup
70. Raw slices placed on broken bones to promote healing
71. potato cake
72. paper weight
73. ink stamp
74. poi spinning ( weird thing on fire on the end of a rope)
75. dog ball
76. dodge the potato
77. currency
78. enter a vegetable competition
79. potato and spoon race (less messay than eggs)
80. modern art
81. take it for a walk
82. make model animals out of it using sticks
83. use it as a model baby for maternity classes
84. use baby potatoes to make a hanging mobile for your kid
85. shott put
86. use as a gag
87. block leaks in your house
88. block holes in doors which cause draughts
89. ink well
90. pin cushion
91. sack of potatoes used as sand bag
92. put in a sack
93. balloon weight
94. potato juice used to treat facial blemishes
95. sack of potatoes used as beanbag
96. hat decoration
97. potato sculpture
98. target for archery
99. bowling
100. organic fuel source                  

101. or you could just eat it at a BBQ... but that'd be a little weird hu? :P                                                                

"Why is orange juice fortified with calcium, but other juices aren't? What makes orange juice so special?"

My neighbor Angela of Colorado baby!

It's not special! It's a lie! There are more fortified drinks. Here's a list of some calcium fortified drinks:

1. Various waters 2. Pepsi 3. Gatorade 4. Powerade 5. Monarch Beverage's All Sport

Then, there are the energy drinks including sector leader Red Bull (with a new diet version recently introduced) and the launched-at-presstime Psyche and Raize, line extensions of Powerade. According to Beverage World's Andrew Kaplan, these two new products, each with its own distinctive flavor profile and functional ingredients, "marry the hydration benefits of a sports drink and the energy benefits of an energy drink. Psyche is formulated for optimizing brain performance while Raize offers an energy boost."


But there isn't any other fruit juices that are fortified with calcium for this one simple reason: None of them are acidic enough to break down the calcuim. So I guess it is special in a way...

"How many cats would it take to eat the moon in about 24 hours if the moon was made of cheese?"

Michael M. Co.

Well. When I got this question I was like that's not even a possible question to answer... but it turns out it's a super long math equation. For once I actually had to USE algebra. They should put this as an equation instead of the stupidly boring ones... or as how you will use algebra in real life 101. That'll be a big hit I'm sure.

The truth is it's not possible. Cats don't like cheese. But these cats are special cheese loving cats. ; )

The moon is app 2,160 miles in diameter. If the moon was cheese it would weigh 162,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 pounds. The average house cat eats about 4oz a day. There is 16oz in a pound. So that means four cats per every pound on the cheese moon. So 162,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times 4 is exactly Six-Hundred and Forty-Eight Septillion. Which looks like this: 648,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. So if you're some kind of evil genius that wants to destroy the world by getting rid of the moon, get A LOT of cats...

"Why are men so complicated?"

Ryan: Colorado

Finally! My kind of question! :D

The obvious answer is HELLO! They are human. And most of the time they think with there bottom head not there top... Enough said right? Oh the sweet feel of biology! Every single guy will tell you that girls are so confusing! Guess what? Girl, boy, man woman, were all human. I know! Shocker hu? A lot of the time the opposite sex seems like a different species all together. It all just depends on how you look at things (lame answer yes, true, most definitely). Try to look at different situations the way they would. If you know the person well enough, it should be no problemo ; ). If you want relationship advice, email me darlin. I'm an expert.

"Why did they rename Constantinople Istanbul?"

Nick: Colorado

Turkeys largest city has been called by TONS of difrent names... like Byzantium founded by the Greeks... The name of the city just kept on changing to match the desire of the current country that took over it last. Because of it's strategic location, it was constantly being besieged and captured. Oh the poor Byzantium-ites. Over the years, the city passed through the hands of the Persian Empire and Alexander the Great before becoming part of the Roman Empire in 73 AD. In 330 AD, Roman emperor Constantine the Great made Byzantium the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire. The name of the city was later changed to Constantinople, to honor the emperor. Then Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II conquered the city and made it the capital of the Ottoman Empire in 1453. Now under new rule, the metropolis was dubbed Istanbul, from the Greek phrase "eis ten polin," which meant "in the city". why would you name a city "in the city"? Really, does this make ANY sense? The name of the city wasn't officially changed until 1930, and the Westerners continued to refer to it as Constantinople on maps and in speech into the '60s (Talk about SLOW people). So next time you happen to visit Turkey, avoid confusion, they are the same place.

"Why is it when you use a digital unit converter such as one you might find in a cell phone, 1 mile translates into 5280 feet, however, you have to type in about 5298 feet to make an even mile???"

Matty Colorado

Most don't do that. Most are right. Your phones just stupid :).

Simple question, simple answer!


Did you really have to ask me to figure that out?

"Why does school start at 7:15 in the morning? Why so early?"

Leya Colorado

In the state of Colorado it is required for you to get a certain amount of hours of school and believe it or not, they WANT you to have a life outside of school. That's why its so early, so you have time to do homework (blah) and go out with your friends, catch a movie, and have some down time.

"What is the meaning of life?"

Kella RI

Oh how I wish I knew...

heh what?

Stuipid question: stupid answer :P

"Where did vampires and wereworlves originate from and why do they have such a conflict with eachother... not the underworld or rachael morigan answer (that weres are from demons cursing humans and vampires have always been) but the original answer. and while we r at it... who made them up? if u can answer this i have ALOT more questions for you..."

Richard from Colorado

Well I'm gonna be expectin A LOT more questions from you Mister Richard :P

For future reference: This might be rather long...

Before we actually get into the history, let's define the actually meaning of the word vampire. Vampire or vampyr which means, when roughly translated, "blood drinker" In nature there are all kinds of vampires. Mosquitoes, tick, fleas, bedbugs, and a species of bat that drinks blood, named most aptly the vampire bat. But, what about the vampires of legend? Do they exist? There are some well documented accounts that indicate they do.

There was the case of Arnold Paole. It was reported that Arnold was bitten by a vampire while he was serving as a soldier in his country's army. When he returned home from service he became a farmer. One day while cutting hay Paole had an accident which killed him. A few days later, people started dying from loss of blood. The people started saying there was a vampire in their midst. There were several eye-witness reports that said they had seen Arnold walking around after his death. His eye were glassy and his teeth had grown long and sharp. The locals went to dig up Paole's body, and when the had unearthed the corpse, there was no decay and there was fresh blood on the lips and a bloom of color in the cheeks. Arnold looked as fresh as the day he had died. The locals pounded a stake through the vampire's heart and heard the vampire screech in agony. Then they cut off the head and burned the body. The deaths stopped.

One of the most famous vampires of all time is, of course, Count Dracula. The brain child of Bram Stoker who based his immortal monster on a Hungarian ruler know as Vlad Tepes, also know as Vlad Dracul-a, which when translated means "son of the dragon", a nicknamed that was well earned, for the count was a blood thirsty and ruthless ruler. He was also known as Vlad the Impaler due to his habit of impaling people on very sharp stakes and letting them suffer until they died a horrible and extremely painful death. The legends of vampires were around long before Stoker wrote his book.

Transylvania was a region where the Hungarian king allowed German people to settle down in the 11th century. In the 15th century, when Dracula was born, Transylvania was one of the richest regions of Europe, which made it one of the main goals of the Turkish invasions. Vlad's father, which was the first one to be called "Dracula", was a warlord, who was set on the throne of the Wallach country (in the south of Transylvania) by Hungarian and Transylvanian rulers, after he swore to protect Christian regions against Turkish Invasions. But he was beaten, and his two sons, Vlad and Raul, were taken to Turkey to force their father to cooperate and send large amounts of silver to Turkey each month. While Raul became a friend of the Sultan, Vlad used the time to study the Turkish language, Turkish torture methods and Turkish strategy. After his father's death the two sons could return to Transylvania, Vlad took his father's place and refused to cooperate with the Sultan. He chose the Danube as a border the Turkish army shall not cross and founded today's Romanian capital Bucharest as a strategic base. It was always said that "Dracula" comes from "The Dragon Order", whose members, like his father, swore to defend the Christian world against Islam, especially the Turkish Invasions. But if you look at any Romanian source or ask local people, you get another answer: "dracul", in the Romanian language, originally means "the devil" - therefore, Vlad the cruel impaler gave it a whole new meaning.

Vlad was known for his cruelty. There are paintings of him, having lunch while enjoying to see people die on the sticks. It was said that after a great battle there was a whole forest of sticks with impaled Turkish soldiers, which made the Sultan withdraw in horror, although he had the better chances to win the war. There are also stories about Vlad killing children and drinking their blood in front of their parents. Also, cooking people and solving the poverty problem by burning hundreds of poor in a locked off building.

But, today Vlad Tepes is seen as a Romanian hero. For it was said that he was the only ruler who managed to control the country. It was said that there was a lonely spring in the middle of a forest, where he laid a golden cup so that all wanderers could drink, and that it wasn't stolen during his whole reign. Although he used cruel methods, it was said that he had a great sense of justice. One legend says that Dracula dressed himself as a Turkish soldier to spy on the Turkish troops, and, by accident, was killed by his own soldiers. Raul took his head to Turkey, while his body was buried on a small island in a lake. After that, it was said that paranormal things happened round that lake. For example, once a group of prisoners crossed the bridge to the island, every one tied to his next, when the bridge broke down - none of them survived.

One of the world first real vampires was a seductive, sick, and vain woman named Elizabeth Bathory. Now Elizabeth Bathory was a very powerful countess who lived in what is now Slovakia from the 1500's through the 1600's, and was perhaps one of the world's first real vampires, as well as a twisted serial killer. Elizabeth was a very rich woman with a lot of time on her hands, and had grown up witnessing the death and torture that her father inflicted on criminals (or what he considered criminals), so this kind of treatment was normal, and probably even pleasurable, to her. Elizabeth was a very smart, well-educated woman, who was interested in science and astronomy, and would occasionally offer assistance to persecuted and destitute women, which definitely does not make sense concidering what she ended up doing. She also seemed to have taken an interest in witchcraft and the dark arts, something that was perhaps very alluring to this rich, spoiled, and bored woman.

Elizabeth developed an obsession with staying young and beautiful, and was perhaps jealous of the youth of many of her servant girls. In her twisted mind she eventually came up with the idea that the blood of these girls was the secret to preserving her youth, and decided that a perfect way to accomplish this preservation would be by drinking and bathing in the blood of these young women. She developed a plan to accomplish this by offering poor peasant girls positions as handmaidens in her castle, an offer that no poor peasant girl would even dream of refusing. However, once they began working for Elizabeth, they soon found out that she was far from what she appeared to be. Elizabeth probably gradually worked her way into the elaborate rituals and tortures she performed by cutting the young girls and rubbing their blood onto her face, or licking it off of them and drinking it from vials. Eventually she moved on to draining the poor girls' entire bodies of their blood, often after sessions of torturing them, to bathe in and drink. Elizabeth and accomplices tortured and killed hundreds of young women, often biting chunks of their flesh off, burning them, performing amateur surgeries on them, beating them, freezing them, and mutilating them. Soon the surrounding village areas were drained of young peasant women, so Elizabeth moved on to the daughters of more established, rich gentry, and this is where she made her mistake.

Elizabeth was too powerful for anyone to take on, and if anyone knew of what she was doing to the peasant girls, they simply ignored it. But when she shifted her focus onto the daughters of the elite, she was forced to go on trial. Elizabeth's high status kept her from being beheaded, so she was simply imprisoned in room in her castle for the rest of her life, which was only four years longer. Bet she didn't see that comin! HA! Suckah! So the basic jist of the whole physco blood thirsty freak stories is where the inspiration for the vampire began.

Our culture delights in tales of the Vampire; that suave, powerful creature that preys on the blood of mere mortals for its sustenance. But no one has ever dragged a blood drinking, immortal "Count Dracula" wanna-be into the light for proof so this creature continues to thrive in myth and storytelling.

Through misunderstanding of disease and only recently studied aspects of the physics of decomposition have scientists been able to adequately explain the cause of some of these myths. There are conditions of humidity, airtightness and makeup of human bodies that have been shown to slow down and sometimes even suspend the decomposition process. However, when these preserved bodies are exhumed; brought into the sunlight as it were, the reintroduction of fresh air has disrupted that balance and the decay sets in, sometimes at accelerated speeds.

The pathology of comas are even now not entirely understood but sometimes research doctors have studied people who's life signs have dropped so low that it requires advanced technological devices to see that they ARE still corporeal. So it is no wonder that people in the past would be horrified when someone "dead" would suddenly rise up again.

Are you SURE you want me to even get into werewolves?

 A werewolf in folklore and mythology is a person who shapeshifts into a wolf, either purposely, by using magic, or after being placed under a curse. The medieval chronicler Gervase of Tilbury associated the transformation with the appearance of the full moon, but this concept was rarely associated with the werewolf until the idea was picked up by modern fiction writers. Most modern references agree that a werewolf can be killed if shot by a silver bullet, although this is more a reflection of fiction's influence than an authentic feature of the folk legends. A werewolf allegedly can be killed by complete destruction of heart or brain; silver isn't necessary.

Perhaps one of the most famous and recent cases of a werewolf is told by Delburt Gregg of Greggton, Texas. During a stormy night when her husband was away in July 1958, Gregg moved her bed close to a screened window to catch the breeze of an approaching storm. Deep in the night, Gregg awoke to the sound of scratching at the screen next to her face. When the lightening flashed in the rumbling sky, Gregg saw a "huge, shaggy, wolf-like creature" that was "clawing at the screen and glaring ... with baleful, glowing, slitted eyes." As she jumped from the bed to grab a flashlight, the creature quickly dashed into a large collection of bushes. Gregg later saw a tall man walk down the road and into the darkness.

Mark Schackelman claimed to have seen a six foot tall, hair covered creature digging in an Indian mound in 1936 near Jefferson, Wisconsin. Schackelman claimed the creature had a large muzzle and included both ape and dog characteristics. With pointed ears and human-like hands, the creature stunk of dead meat. The next night, Schackelman saw the same creature making a strange "three-syllable growling". When he began to pray, the creature quickly turned and dashed away.

On October 31, at about 8:30 PM, a young woman was driving along Bray Road near Delavan, Wisconsin when she felt her car jump as if the right tire had hit an object. Stopping the car, the young woman saw a dark and hairy figure running towards her. She sped away only to have the creature jump onto the car's trunk. Due to the slick metal, the beast was unable to gain a hold of the vehicle. When returning with a friend, the duo saw a large shape standing near the side of the road.

When the report got out, several other people also claimed to have seen the strange creature. In 1989, Lorianne Endrizzi was traveling along the same road when she caught site of a figure kneeling at the side of the road. When she slowed the car, Endrizzi claimed to have seen the creature staring through the passenger window. She estimated the beast was about six feet away and had grayish brown hair with large fangs and pointed ears. She also claimed the creature had a snout and human-like hands. A local farmer also saw the creature, but took it to be a gigantic dog.

But in the end, no one realy knows where the begining of the legand actualy started...

 As for conflicts: The struggle between vampires and werewolves is purely an entertainment created element of stories, possibly because both are considered to be creatures of the night who 'convert' people by biting them. However, in legends and mythology, there are no signs indicating that the two factions have ever had any contact of any kind.

"What is wrong with teenagers? Why do they act like they are better than everyone else and cuss so much? I have never fit in."

Eagle from Co.

I have never fit in eaither! Hi5! :D

Anyways... >.>

I hate to sound all boring, but welcome to reality. Sucks eh? I guess people do stupid things to impress people, even if what their doing is completely retarded. Like cussing, or acting like their better than everybody else, or even drugs. I confess that back in my day (man I sound old!) I tried to fit in (And I gave up ^_^) by lieing to people, and cursing, but then I figured out that that wasn't who I wanted to be. I kinda forgot who I was. And that scared me.  A lot of people never figure out that what their doing, is simply giving away their sanity. Anyways, nothings wrong with teenagers, it just them trying to find their sanity (sometimes loosing their sanity in the process. Brilliant eh? :P) So, good luck with your teenager problems! Just try to wait until they regain their brain. And if they don't... well, good luck anyways.

How do you deal with life when you feel like you are being played with? Almost as if God is teasing you. I wish I could just let go and be like the guitar playing guy on the corner. He seems oblivious to the cares of life and may be he is. I don't know. Some people take life a little too seriously and I guess I am one of them. I can't relax and enjoy life and it is making me crazy.

E from Nowheresville

Obviously, something is stressing you out. Don't get me wrong! I'm no shrink! I don't know what's going on in your head. I just know that my freshman year, I felt the exact same way. I was stressed beyond belief. Why? If you had asked me why I was so stressed back then, I couldn't have told you. I didn't know. But today, I have a theory. I remember, I felt like there was a layer between me and the world sometimes, the days blurred together, and I always felt like I was walking through syrup. I made bad decisions (wow I sound like an old person), and at the time, I didn't even realize what I was doing. I guess I was always afraid of saying something bogus in front of people. Bad thing after bad thing was being thrown at me, and I felt like God (and I wasn't even sure that God existed) was just throwing stuff at me for the heck of it.How did I get out? A lot easier than getting in. Turns out, I was exaggerating EVERYTHING. Every day seemed like an awful day. Here's a fact of life; as human beings (unless you're ET) stuff happens. Shocker eh? But it's exactly what we've been told as littlies! Life's what you make it. Okay, you're probably shaking your head saying; 'I've heard this Bee Ess before. Think your way out of being depressed? Yeah right.' Well, if a helicopter is at the edge of a hole that stretches forever in two directions, there's only one way to cross right? If the Pilot thinks hard enough, the pilot can fly him and the helicopter right over it. Or he could stay there forever, or he could jump and splat. I choose flying. Turns out the hole wasn't that big of a delima. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING is strong enough to drag you down, unless you let it.

Stay smart

Be sane

Stay different

Good Luck

"Why do bee's like honey?"

Shaina from Minnesota
Why do artists like art?
They help make it, they like it. simple as that. 

"Can chickens chew bubble gum?"

Nickie from Colorado

I do believe that teeth are required to chew anything. Sorry to burst your bubble (Pun intended xD) but no they can not. Unless that by some genetic mutation that some chicken has teeth... Then I guess one could.

"I have a boyfriend. I really like him but he is really close with a few of his exgirlfriends. We were chatting on facebook and he told me that he trusted one of them with his life. I guess he broke up with her because she was in 7th and he was in 8th and when he went on to the high school they broke up. Is there a chance that he might brake up with me for her next year when she comes to the high school? Or even if not how can I tell if he really does like me?"

Lovesick-struck Colorado

Okay I have a few little bitty comments to observe about your situation.

Number Uno: High School/ Middle School relationships are... well not EXACTLY stupid... but pretty darn close. Think about it: they don't last hardly ever. I mean on rare occasions they do last into marriage, but hardly any of those marriages last. Plus what's the point in a relationship that wont last? Just sayin (don't quote me).

The second point: PEOPLE CAN HAVE FRIENDS (I just had to put that in all caps ^_^. Gets yo attention (homie xD)) and it's a GOOD thing to have people you can honestly trust with your life. :] Especially if you're one of them ;D. If you're so obsessed with one person you seriously need to broaden your (Sexy male human) horizon (it's the horizon most teenage girls have).

 And the third and final issue I want to get out of the way: Is... breath. Inhale. Exhale. Gooooooooood. High School is a time to have fun. :] Don't worry, be happy. Yes you'll have drama. Welcome to high school... well life. I know it sucks, but you can totally make it completely rockiable.

Have fun.

Stay in school.

Don't do drugs (at least the illegal kind >.>)

And all that Jazz.

I'm out/


"How do you solve a 4x4x4 rubix cube?"

"Why do I seem such an outcast? Like no one likes ne or cares? Is losing my faith in Jesus bad? Who should I be? Will anyone care if I die? Why do I always get hurt?"

            My heart sinks everytime I get questions like this. I get them far too often. Most adults will tell you this this is "just a stage". But stage or not, it hurts either way. I know how important social interaction is, especially for teens, and it hurts when no one seems to want to be around us, but most of this time, you're the one isolating yourself. I know that's what I tend to do, and then I turn around and be sad that I "have no friends". Hellooooo??? Really? I know this great guy, he's pretty fawsome, but he tends to make everything a crisis. I just want to go up to him and say 'Dude! Breath!' It's like he feels like he doesn't have may friends, so he has to make everyone feel sorry for him so they'll pay attention to him. In reality, sadly, he's just pushing people away. Now I'm stuck in a place where I have to choose to have him make my life ten million times more complicated, or to walk away. It's hard sense this kids such a good friend. If you want to not feel like an outcast, make sure you're not pushing people away.

      WOWOWOWOW! Hold up! When is losing faith EVER a GOOD thing? It's always a GREAT thing to have faith. That is shown several times throughout history (plus it's kind of common sense). You have to be an incredibly strong person to have faith. I'd personally love to pretend that I have never lost faith in God, but the grim reality is that, we all have our down times. But it's in those down times that our true strength and faith shines through. Don't give up! Things may look grim right now, but there's always a light at the end of the tunnel :].

      You should be you. I have a feeling that the real "you" is a pretty fawsome person. I'm Kayla, and that's all who I've ever tried to be. If you try to be someone else, then you'll end up forgetting who "you" really is. NO BUENO!

      Everyone you've ever met and all the people who you will impact will care if you're gone.

 Good Luck.

Stay Strong

Don't lose faith!





" How do you know when there is nothing left to lose?"

Layfayette from Washington


When i get really depressed, i always think "this has to be rock bottom." But trust me, it never is :]. "I have nothing left to lose" is usually a phrase i hear when people are simply suicidal. i've felt like that and i know an awful lot of people have felt that way also. Here's my policy: if you can think of one thing that would make your life worse, then you have something to live for. This is not the bottom. It may seem like it is... but things can always always always get worse. For me, i've lost a whole bunch. i've made mistakes, i've been hurt, my life's been far from easy... But i still have my healthy body, a family who'd kill for me, friends that care a bunch about me and i hardly know the beginning of it! Plus there are so many people in the future who will be greatly impacted by you! Don't doubt it :] because it's very true! "Rock bottom" doesn't exist. Life can get pretty ugly... but then you look at a rose, the sky, the ocean, and remember that life is really such a beautiful delicate thing. Why waste it? Have fun while you still have the privilege to be here! If you don't like the situation you're in, then change it! Don't sit around and wait for it to change on its own. It most likely wont happen. Don't get upset about something unless you can change it.

Honey, you have a lot to lose still, but you also have a whole bunch more to gain. You have so many great and incredible gifts that can be used for so many amazing things that no one else can do! No one else has the same unique mixture of talent that you have. You're so special and unique, don't waste your gifts.  Don't waste your life thinking you've hit rock bottom, when you're really soaring way up with the stars :]

Stay strong :]

Be happy

Don't forget to breathe deeply, laugh at stupid things, and wish on shooting stars.